An overview of auto transport services

An overview of auto transport services

A brief history of automobile transport services-The history of Auto transport services is quite interesting running parallel with its parent industry with the invention of car. Nicholas Joseph Cugnot built the earliest steam powered vehicle capable of human transportation in 1768-71, could be termed as the mother of automobile transport industry. This vehicle traveled with a speed of 2.3 mph failing it to go into full-fledged production. Later on in 1807, Francois Isaac de Rivaz designed the first car powered by an internal combustion engine fueled by hydrogen. 


In 1873, Amedee Bollee produced the first “real automobile” self-propelled steam road vehicle to transport groups of passengers. However, automobile industry got a boost with the invention of gasoline-powered automobiles with the Germans building the first gasoline powered motor cars with Karl Benz, the inventor of numerous car related technologies receiving a German Patent in 1886.

The beginning of 20th century saw the first line of cars to be mass-produced in United States with the first official assembly line vehicles - the Model T built by Henry Ford in 1908. By 1930s, the mass production of millions of cars or automobiles resulted in the foundation of automobile transport services. Prior to these services, auto dealers used to transport the vehicles through rail shipping that resulted in escalation of transportation costs and long time in reaching the destinations.

The credit for a full range of automobile transport services can be given to German engineers who designed the first auto carrier rack that could carry up to ten vehicles at a time in 1960s. The auto shipping industry really took off in 1980s and has grown into the present modern day auto shipping using the latest transit technology by offering door to door transport, insurance coverage, custom made shipping along with hassle free shipping that allows the car to be located en route.

How auto transport works

Automobile makers’ spend huge amounts to transport vehicles to their dealers consisting of cars, SUVs, trucks with the help of auto transport services. Owner of the car usually hire the services of Auto Transport Company that handles the actual pickup and delivery of the vehicle or use the services of brokers who usually act as intermediaries of doing the legal work and selling the job to one or more auto transport services. In case of direct deal with the auto transport companies the responsibility lies with the firm in the event of damage or an accident in addition to having more control over the delivery time. Hiring the services of brokers, gives the automobile owner more options for quicker delivery. Choosing the right type of Auto Transport Company is an art in itself and therefore it is important to follow certain tips to avoid frauds that abound in the auto transport industry.


Go for online forums of collectable car owners’ websites to find reputable auto transport services.

Be cautious of going with the lowest prices

Make decision about which company to use and book your transport

Prepare your vehicle for transport by removing all personal and valuable items.

Ensure that the auto shipping carrier inspects your vehicle·Inspect the car after arrival for any dents, scratches to claim damages.

These tips would help you in getting good auto transport services within your budget.